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Common Mistakes To Avoid To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Appliances
  • December 7th, 2023

Common Mistakes To Avoid To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Appliances

Do you know not maintaining or operating your electrical appliances can reduce their lifespan? We have become extremely dependent on electrical appliances in our daily lives. So, even if an appliance stops working, it can disrupt our routine. 

Merit Electric can help you with excellent appliance electrical repair services at the best prices. We can also cater to end-to-end electrical services for both residential and commercial premises. In this blog, we take you through some common mistakes that you must avoid to reduce your electrical appliance damage. 

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Appliances

Overloading Your Washer and Dryer

One of the common mistakes that people make with their washers and dryers is overloading them with too many clothes. This can cause several problems, such as:

  • Reducing the cleaning and drying efficiency of the machines
  • Damaging the motor, belt, and bearings of the machines
  • Increasing the energy and water consumption of the machines
  • Wrinkling and shrinking your clothes

To avoid overloading your washer and dryer, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the maximum load capacity of the machines. You should also sort your clothes by size, weight, and color, and use the appropriate cycle and settings for each load.

Neglecting Your Refrigerator Coils

Another common mistake that people make with their refrigerators is neglecting the coils. The coils are located at the back or the bottom of the refrigerator, and they are responsible for cooling the refrigerant that circulates inside the refrigerator. However, over time, the coils can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris, which can reduce their efficiency and cause the refrigerator to work harder and use more energy. This can also lead to overheating and malfunctioning of the refrigerator.

To avoid neglecting your refrigerator coils, you should clean them at least once or twice a year. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove the dust and dirt from the coils. You should also make sure that there is enough space around the refrigerator for proper air circulation.

Using Too Much Detergent in Your Dishwasher

A third common mistake that people make with their dishwasher is using too much detergent. You might think that using more detergent will make your dishes cleaner, but in fact, it can have the opposite effect. Using too much detergent can cause several problems, such as:

  • Leaving residue and spots on your dishes
  • Clogging the spray arms and filters of the dishwasher
  • Damaging the pump and seals of the dishwasher
  • Wasting water and energy


To avoid using too much detergent in your dishwasher, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the recommended amount and type of detergent for your dishwasher. You should also rinse your dishes before loading them in the dishwasher, and run the dishwasher only when it is full.

Ignoring Electrical Maintenance

This can be a huge mistake you can make to your appliance. Loose connections, faulty wirings, and outlets can interrupt the electricity flow which can result in voltage fluctuations that can be harmful for appliances. We suggest scheduling regular maintenance of your appliances with experienced electricians. You can trust us for the best appliance electrical repair services.

Hire The Best Electricians 

Merit Electric is a reputed name if you’re looking for new construction electrical services in Vancouver. With over a decade of experience in the electrical industry, we have served hundreds of clients across Vancouver. You can count on us with all your electrical needs, whether large or small. Our electricians ensure that they pay attention to details to fix the issues as soon as possible. Check our website or get in touch with us today for more details about our services.

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