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6 Practices That Can Damage Your Electrical Appliances
  • December 5th, 2023

6 Practices That Can Damage Your Electrical Appliances

The way you use your appliance impacts its lifespan significantly. You need to keep your electrical appliance in the best condition to continue using it for a longer period of time. From washing machines ensuring tidy clothes to refrigerators keeping our food fresh, appliances play an important role in our lives. 

However, many homeowners overlook the importance of maintaining their appliances which at some point start interrupting their daily lives. Merit Electric is the right place if you’re looking for the best electrical appliance repair services. In this blog, we will take a dig into practices that damage your electrical appliances. 

Practices You Must Avoid To Extend Your Appliance’s Lifespan

Disregarding Manufacturer’s Instruction Manual

Not reading the instruction manual before starting to use an appliance can actually impact its lifespan. Your appliance can damage or break if you use it without understanding each and every do’s and don’ts about it. 

Overloading the Sockets or Circuits

Plugging too many appliances into the same socket or the same circuit can cause overloading, which can lead to overheating, short circuits, or power outages. Overloading can also damage the appliances, the wires, and the fuses. 

Cleaning Your Appliances Using Water or Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning the appliances with water or harsh chemicals can cause them to corrode, rust, or short circuit. For example, cleaning the toaster with water or the microwave with bleach can damage the internal components and the electrical connections. To avoid cleaning the appliances with water or harsh chemicals, you should follow the cleaning instructions and recommendations of the manufacturers, and use the suitable tools and products for each appliance.

Placing the Appliances Near Heat Sources or Flammable Materials

Do not place the appliances near heat sources or flammable materials as this can cause them to overheat, melt, or catch fire. For example, placing the hair dryer near the stove or the lamp near the curtains can create a dangerous situation. To avoid placing the appliances near heat sources or flammable materials, you should keep your appliances away from direct sunlight, radiators, candles, or other appliances that generate heat. 

Moving or Storing the Appliances Improperly

Moving or storing the appliances improperly can cause them to get damaged, scratched, or dented. For example, moving the refrigerator or the washing machine without securing the doors or the hoses, or storing the iron or the blender without wrapping the cords or the blades can harm the appliances. To avoid moving or storing the appliances improperly, you should follow the moving and storing instructions and precautions of the manufacturers, and use the original packaging or the suitable containers for each appliance.

Using the Appliances For the Wrong Purposes or Beyond Their Capacities

Doing this can cause your appliances to malfunction, break, or explode. For example, using the oven to dry clothes or the blender to crush ice can damage the appliances. To avoid using the appliances for the wrong purposes or beyond their capacities, you should follow the usage guidelines and limitations of the manufacturers, and use the appropriate settings and accessories for each appliance.

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